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Statement of Purpose

"Drawing is not things. . . drawing is the mind revealing itself as it investigates possibilities." - Bob Freimark

"For the majority of my career, I have moved steadily towards processing my painting concepts abstractly. I try to avoid painting objects or things. It is necessary to understand the landscape and human figure to develop a sense of reality, but now in my own serious work, I intend to symbolize ideas, values, and states of mind in pure abstract terms.

Portraying an object tends toward the specific. Rather than conforming to this limitation, I move, sometimes, toward impulse. As an example, I may utilize the gesture in my work. When two people relate the same story, I notice a lot of the interpretation may reside in the excitement generated by the delivery, and seldom do two people present it exactly the same. In just this manner, I utilize the gesture to convey my reaction to phenomena. When I am capable of doing it in a satisfying way, the result is a suitable vessel, non-verbal, describing without illustrative form, within which others may find affinity, and perhaps complete understanding. That is my present goal."

Photo by Nancy Leiserowitz