In the Fall of 1981, Bob Freimark and Warren Haack came to the Isla Janitzio on Lake Patzcuaro in the center of Mexico to record the spirit and meaning of Dias de los Muertos--the Days of the Dead--before its significance and qualities were diminished by the threat of oncoming tourism and the American media blitz. Now, in fantastic color, realize the full pageantry of the Days of the Dead as preserved by one of the most isolated tribes of Mexico.
A video focusing on the real art being produced in Cuba, with interviews and profiles of the artists and musicians making this high-level contribution, collected by a fellow artist able to meet all artists with simpatico and thoroughness, and reveal it to a continent of Americans who have remained sadly misinformed. Cuban art has managed to steer clear of the "market-driven" art of the "developed countries" and sail on its own steam.
For 40 years a dedicated group of Mexican American artists centered in Sacramento, California and preferring to be known as Chicanos, have continued to produce an overwhelming series of political posters demanding equal rights for minorities, and tackling a broad spectrum of injustices perpetrated by the U. S. government. This film portrays their ongoing struggle and the resultant work.
"This devastating documentary follows a cluster of women gathered in the main square of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Clutching photos of their missing children they demand to know their fate. In the 60s and 70s, General Videla was the head of the military dictatorship whose coup in Argentina turned that country into a hell zone. Military thugs, wearing masks, came in the night and blasted off doors. They ripped people out of bed, stole everything of value, and hustled them away, never to be seen again. These people became Los Desaparecidos (The Disappeared Ones). Eventually, the military murdered over 30,000--the hope of the next generation in Argentina. Bob Freimark's remarkable movie pays tribute to the indomitable Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo, whose perseverance sets an example for us all." Reprinted from The Diff, for the Daholega International Film festival, Atlanta, GA
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"Dias de los Muertos" ("Days of the Dead")
VHS 26 minutes
Sample: 2 min. 45 sec. (2 Megs)

"Arte Cubano: Contemporary Art & Culture in Cuba"
VHS 56 minutes
Sample: 3 min. (2.2 Meg)
"Los Desaparecidos (The Disappeared Ones)"
VHS 34 minutes
Sample: 2 min. 17 sec. (1.7 Megs)
"Royal Chicano Air Force"
VHS 35 minutes
Sample: 2 min. 48 sec. (2 Megs)
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